There are other companies hiring chocolate fountains. Why should you choose us as your main provider of chocolate fountains?

What is the best way to melt chocolate for dipping?
The best way to melt chocolate for dipping is in a microwave to begin the melting process. The melted chocolate can then be poured into the fountain for the dipping dessert.

Do you have chocolate fondue fountain ideas and recipes?
We have many ideas and recipes for chocolate fondue ideas. We can theme parties and supply special dippers, tailor-made to your event.

Can you have chocolate dipped apples and pretzels?
We have an incredibly large selection of dipping foods to choose from, some of the most popular being strawberries, and we can talk through your requests during the booking process.

Which chocolate fountain dippers do you provide?
We provide a huge selection of dippers and within the package we can include such items as: chocolate dipped marshmallows and a wide variety of fruit including bananas, oranges and figs.

Where can I find more pictures of the chocolate fondue?
Do have a look at all of the pages on the website and if you need more photographs or information please do not hesitate to contact us.

What type of chocolate can you have in the chocolate fondue?
There is a wide choice of chocolates for dipping but our most customers choose to have either a dark, milk or white chocolate fondue. All of our chocolates are couverture, the highest grade Belgian chocolate.

What size chocolate fondues do you provide?
We provide mini chocolate fountains right up to large and giant chocolate fondue fountains that cater for parties, wedding reception or chocolate themed party with 50 to 5000 guests.

Will the staff be uniformed?
The staff arrive onsite wearing our monogrammed black uniform and jackets then change into chef whites for serving guests, handling food and operating the fountain.

Where do I buy couverture chocolate?
We provide and supply the couverture chocolate and extra bags can be purchased in 10kg bags.

Can I use the fountain outdoors?
It is better not to use the machine out of doors because of wind disrupting the flow and temperature of chocolate.

How does the chocolate get to the top of the fountain?
Inside the tower there is a corkscrew which drives the chocolate up to the top tier where it cascades down over the edge.

What sort of electricity do we need in place?
All fountains use a domestic 13amp three prong plug and the fountain draws 2.5kv of power.

How long can the chocolate fountain run for before the chocolate solidifies?
The chocolate is kept at a constant temperature of 37C or 98.6F in the food grade stainless steel copper-lined basin.

Do chocolate fountains break down and does fruit get stuck in the machine?
We choose our fondue fountains for their reliability and stability and with a uniformed operator looking after the fountain and your guests take care of dropped dipping fruit and refilling of the chocolate fountain.